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    Organic Compost - 6kg by Go Organic

    Organic Compost - 6kg
    Organic Compost - 6kg
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    Organic Compost – 6kg by Go O...

    – Nutrient Rich Organic Compost
    – Enriched with high ratio of organic matter & all other nutrients
    – Free from all kinds of weed seeds
    – 100% ennvironmentally friendly and free from any bad small or pathogenic elements
    – Quickly become part of the soil and fertilizes it.

    – Good to use as potting soil for Permanenet indoor/outdoor plants
    – Recommended for Raising seed beds and Paneeri
    – Recommended for seasonal flowers and paneeri
    – Apply while establishing new grass lawn & avoid untreated dung
    – Good to apply at existing green areas/lawns
    – Apply once a year in fruit plants and good for Kitchen Gardening
    – Suitable for rooftop gardening due to light weight


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